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Welcome to my Top 12 Best Kids Motorcycle Helmet review article and online buyers guide.

Children’s safety is the first and foremost priority to the parents! Head and neck protection is really inevitable care for the children on the road and any other places. When it comes to the matter of children safety then kids helmets come to parent’s mind as well.

If your loving kids are interested in motor sports activities then you should pick the best kids motorcycle helmet for your children to keep them safe from any injuries. You will find various types of kids helmet in the market.

Some of them are full-face helmets, open face helmets, and half helmets also available according to your children sizes. There are thousands of pieces kids helmets in the market! So, the matter of discussion is, how you can choose the best kids helmet for your children?

Feeling confused about which one you should consider as the best one for your children? If yes, don’t get worried and be relaxed! Definitely, it’s not an easy task to find out the best kids helmet for your children!

Considering your emotion we have picked 12 best kids helmets for your children after completing a mega research over the market. We hope that you will get the loving helmet from our collection which will meet your needs and suit well with your children.

Now you are going to meet all the kid’s helmet and then you can choose the best one among them which is really matched with your requirements! So, let’s see them.


01. TCMT Helmet+Goggles+Gloves – High quality Kids Helmet

Kids Motorcycle Helmet

This is our first pick for you! If you are searching for high quality kids helmet for your children then we suggest you first to consider this helmet as the best one for you!

The helmet is from TCMT, which is also a well known and popular company for manufacturing high quality kids helmet all across the globe. They are promised to ensure you best quality products! So, you can rely on them undoubtedly. Let’s see what advantages it offers!

The helmet is greatly designed following updated features! It has excellent UV protective finished. This model is really lightweight and extremely durable. For this reason, the helmet is not only easy to wear but also your children feel comfortable to carry!

It is well-vented helmet too! You will be glad to know that your children can use the helmet in summer and winter. There are three sizes available of the helmet and these are small (19.2 / 19.7 Inch), medium (20.1 / 20.5 Inch), and large (20.9 / 21.2 Inch). Also, you will find XL (=Adult S):21.6 / 22 Inch for the youth!

The inner part of the helmet is really comfortable and the liner pads are easily removable and washable! If you purchase this one then you will get an outstanding package include goggles, pair gloves, and a helmet bag!

We hope that the helmet will be perfectly matched with your needs! So you can consider this one as the right helmet for your kids.


— Fits well
— Nice looking helmet
— It works really great
— Good quality kids helmet


02. XFMT Helmet+Goggles+Gloves ATV MX – Kids Bike Helmet

kids bike helmet

Meet XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Off-road Street Dirt Bike Helmet Goggles Gloves ATV MX Helmet Red Spider L our second as our second suggestion for you to consider!

It’s from XFMT! You can keep your faith in XFMT as it is a well known and responsible company for manufacturing the best kids helmet! In our research time, we have got a plenty of positive customer reviews on it.

The helmet has different head circumstances and these are small: 19.2 / 19.7 Inches; medium: 20.1 / 20.5 Inches; Large: 20.9 / 21.2 Inches.  Also, it has beautifully finished with the UV protective! The interior of the helmet is really comfortable and heavily cushioned.

It has a well-vented system too! This is why it keeps cool your children brain while riding a motorcycle. It has a sleek modular design which ensures you with a good Bluetooth system also! With all of these great features, this will be a perfect helmet for your kids!

So, you can consider the helmet prior to making your final decision to purchase!


— Quality helmet
— Comfortable to wear
— Good modular system
— The helmet is well made

03. Hard Head SmartDealsNow – Good quality Kids Helmet

high-quality helmet for kids

Want to get the high-quality kids helmet or don’t know which one you should consider as the best one? If yes, no need be tensed anymore! We recommend you to choose  Hard Head SmartDealsNow DOT Kids Helmet for Dirt bike ATV Motocross MX Off road Motorcycle Street bike Flat Matte Black Helmet as the best one which can easily match your expectation!

Hard Head Helmets is the company who produces this helmet for your children! It is the remarkable brand for manufacturing various types of helmets all over the world. They never compromise with the quality! So, you can depend on the brand for good quality kids helmet. Now let’s know it’s descriptions and outstanding features!

It is greatly designed with brand new interior padding system which ensures ultimate comfort for your children! The helmets are really lightweight and it is just less than 3lbs! It is a perfect helmet for them who are looking for quality at an affordable price!

The helmet meets the DOT standard too! You will be glad to know that it’s comfortable to wear and easy to remove. If you purchase this helmet for your children then you will get nice a helmet bag. We hope that the helmet will be the best choice for your kids. So, remembering this one you can take the decision to purchase!


— Looks great
— Meets high quality
— Helmet for the price
— Expected as advertised


04. WOW Motocross BMX MX ATV – Top rated Kid’s Helmet

Top Rated Kids Motorcycle Helmet

This is our fourth pick for you. It comes from WOW! If you are looking for the top rated kid’s helmet then it will fulfill your needs properly!

WOW is also a well-known company for manufacturing best helmet for kids! So, it will be the best one for you beyond doubt. Now, let’s see its description and incredible features!

The helmet is lightweight and durable enough! It is built with the aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell which makes the helmet powerful and also flexible! This is why the helmet offers high protection for your kids!

You will be pleased to know that it has a beautiful glossy UV protective finish which keeps your baby safe from the harmful UV rays! The helmet has a removable and washable padding system!

Its comfortable inner part keeps your kids cheerful after wearing it. It is the helmet that is DOT Approved! It will be a great one for your kid if the helmet matches your needs. If it is true, then grab it fast!


— Looking cool
— Fits perfectly
— It is a good helmet
— The helmet is well padded


05. ILM BMX MX Downhill Off-Road – Best Kids Motorcycle Helmet

best Kids Motorcycle Helmet

If you are searching for best kids motorcycle helmet then we suggest you consider ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle BMX MX Downhill Off-Road Helmet is the perfect choice for you!

It comes from ILM! You will be pleased to know that ILM has a great value in the market for providing quality helmets. This model is for you which can match your expectation!

When we were in the market we saw that a plenty of positive customers review on it! And the recent users were typing their satisfied comment in favor of it. Also, they inspired the people to choose the helmet who are really willing to purchase quality helmets!

The helmet is made of ABS materials! For this reason, it is incredibly durable and lightweight as well. It will make you smile when you know the helmet has a good ventilation system! For this reason, there is a good system to get in the outside air and to go out the inside air!

It has a sleek aerodynamic design too! It is made for speed. You can wash the helmet properly as the result of detachable inner parts. The visor can be detached the helmet for days if needed! Its sun visor gives a great protection against the sun. With all of these great features, the helmet can be your best choice! If it is not, don’t worry! See the next one which can be the right one for you.


— Elegant look
— Decent helmet
— It works properly
— Great helmet for the price

06. Vega VRX Advanced Off-Road – Best Kids Bike Helmet

best kids helmets

You can consider Vega Helmets VRX Advanced Off-Road Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet as the good quality kids helmet choice for you. If you are curious to know quality helmets then it is the best solution of your inquiry!

It’s from Vega Helmets! This company is well-known and popular and it is regarded as the total solution of quality helmets. You will be pleased to know that the company is manufacturing the best quality helmet since 1994!

They never compromise with quality to provide you with the best product. Now, let’s know this model amenities and awesome features! The helmet is built with the innovative technology which is made of advanced poly carbonate ABS shell, a multi-channel air flow system, padded D-ring strap, high density fully vented EPS!

You will be astonished to see its fully removable multi-position visor too! Also, the helmet has a max-flow comfort liner which is easily washable and replaceable! The VRX is lightweight also! It is perfectly snug and incredibly breathable to ensure you to keep cool and comfortable during dirt biking, riding your ATV, MX, Motocross, Quad, and any other off-road games!

With a thick, high density fully vented EPS liner; this helmet is engineered to greatly absorb impact. Most probably you are waiting for this helmet and you are going to grab this incredible one!


— DOT certified
— Made for the dirt
— Has detached visor
— It is a top rated helmet


07. GLX DOT Helmet+Gloves+Goggles – Stylish Kid’s Helmet

stylish kid's helmet

Want to get a stylish kid’s helmet for your kids? Well, we recommend you GLX Youth Kids Dirt Bike ATV Motocross Helmet Red [DOT] +Gloves Goggles (L) as the right one according to your demand!

It comes from GLX! It is a traditional and well famous brand for manufacturing eye-catching as well as innovative design helmet for a long time. In the market, we saw a good amount of positive reviews on it! Then we have picked it as one of the best helmets of the running market.

This is a lightweight helmet and it’s about 2.65 pounds! It ensures you superior air-flow for its 14 venting ports. You will be pleased to know that it has an adjustable and removable Sun shield which can protect you from the UV! The helmet is easy to use for its quick release strap. Also, it has a sweat absorbing liner which helps to prevent dripping sweat and relieve burning eyes!

The helmet has goggles keeping advantages and you can easily remove or wash the goggle! It is shatter-proof, UV 380 protective, and it has lightweight bendable PC material. The helmet meets the dot certificate also. We hope that you have liked this one and you want to think of it to consider!


— Looking nice
— It is built well
— Updated helmet
— Good quality helmet

08. Fox Racing Race Kids V1 Motocross – Racing Kids Helmet

Racing Kids Helmet

It’s Fox Racing 2017 Race Youth/Kids V1 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet – Pink / Medium from Fox Racing! This is a top selling brand who manufactures good quality helmets for the racing kids helmet considering their customer’s appeal! They want to make you smile with their good quality products.

When we were in the market we saw a great number of the eye-catching and peerless response of it. The running users suggest others to get this as the good and effective helmet. After watching this we have picked this helmet for you. Now, let’s see what facilities this helmet provides!

The helmet is greatly designed with update technology and it has become much popular to the kids for its incredible features! it is made of injection molded ABS shell which makes the helmet solid and at the same time, this is also one of the most flexible ones!

To ensure optimum airflow it has 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents! It’s uncommon and peerless helmet that you are looking for. The helmet provides you EPS protection liner too! It has achieved ECE and DOT certifications! So, why don’t you consider this helmet? You can consider this one for choosing the ultimate one!


— Easy to use
— Colorful helmet
— High-quality helmet
— Great helmet in affordable price


09. NENKI NK-303 Off Road – Top Rated Kids Motorcycle Helmet

top rated kid's helmet

Want to get the high-quality helmet for kids? After a long search, you are tired now but didn’t get the right one? If yes, don’t worry and get relaxed! We recommend you consider NENKI NK-303 Off Road Motocross Motorcycle Helmets for you! We hope that it will meet your demands and your searching anxiety will be over.

It comes from NENKI, a faithful brand for manufacturing best quality helmet all across the globe! They are given away to produce you with the best quality product which will be really fruitful to you. Now let’s see it’s incredible pros and outstanding features!

You will attract to see its colorful design! Remembering innovative minds of children, the helmet is greatly designed using updated technology. It is made of advanced ventilate Chin air intake vents & Rear outlet vents. For this reason, the helmet is not only flexible but also powerful enough! It will protect the head and neck of your kids while racing indoor or outdoor.

The helmet is DOT FMVSS N.218 approved too! So, undoubtedly it’s a quality helmet which can provide you with the best service if you consider this one. It is high-density kids helmet with aero-tuned EPS Foam Liner. Is this your favorite helmet? If yes, then you can purchase! If it is not, don’t worry. See the next one and hope that you will get your desired one!


— Kids helmet
— Worth of price
— Excellent visibility
— Good quality helmet

10. Troy Lee Designs SE4EPS MIPS exceeds DOT ECE – Motorcycle Helmet for Kids

Motorcycle Helmet for Kids

Searching for a kids bike helmet or can’t make the right decision which one you will choose? If it is true, don’t be worried anymore! We are going to share you with Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Motocross Motorcycle Lightweight Helmet as the best youth helmet for you!

The helmet comes from Troy Lee Designs! Troy Lee Designs is a well-known and popular brand for producing quality products. In our research time, we saw that the running users of the helmet were really satisfied after taking this. Also, they were suggesting others to take the helmet for their kids!

It is built with powerful MIPS technology! This is why it will provide your kids with more safety while riding. It’s a lightweight helmet and it offers durable protection to kids because as the result of its expanded polypropylene chin bar. It’s an unbreakable helmet too! It has plastic visor screws and brass inserts.

The riders can get cool air even in hot weather for its 21 intake ports! With anatomical 3d contoured cheek pads, the helmet has an emergency release system. It successfully exceeds DOT fmvss218 and ECE 22.05! We hope that you are thinking of the helmet as the right one for you!


— Easy to use
— Has stunning look
— Expensive kids helmet
— It has achieved top ratings

11. CKX 183962 TX-218 Pursuit – Graphic Kids Helmet

Graphic kids helmet

It is an uncommon and excellent graphic kids helmet from CKX! This helmet is much comfortable as well as a lightweight one! Its performance is really outstanding and it will attract you with its awesome design. You will be a great fan of it when you know it in details! Let’s see the advantages of this one.

There are three colors available in the running market of the helmet. These are black, green, and gray! You can choose which color you like most. The helmet will provide your kids with extra safety when they ride on the road or indoor places! We think that this helmet will make your kids smile.

It has only “S” size on the market! It’s a classic kid’s helmet which offers pursuit graphic. Although it has no Sun visor or any Lens, even then it will give you ultimate using comfort for your kids. So, what are you thinking right now? Is it the helmet what you wished for? If yes, then get it first. Otherwise, if it doesn’t match with your expectation then see the next one!


— Good helmet
— Has great design
— Comfortable to wear
— The perfect combination of colors


12. Typhoon DOT Motocross ATV MX – Kids Dirt Bike Helmet

kids dirt bike helmet

It’s from Typhoon Helmets! If you are in need of the best kid’s bike helmet then we highly recommend you to meet Typhoon Helmets as the solution of your mega search! We assume that this one will be the ultimate one for you to fulfill your demands. At the same time, we think that it will make you pleased with its outstanding benefits!

Having a large number of review, they have been running their business for decades! So, you can keep your faith in them to choose the best product. Let’s know its fruitful description and amusing features!

It is the true kids helmet! It is about 3 lbs and doesn’t have over padded. The helmet is looking peerless because it is built with a high gloss durable finish. You will be cheerful to know that it meets the DOT standard (FMVSS 218). One of the great pros of the helmet is that it has a removable and washable liner.

The helmet has three sizes available in the market! These are youth large: 20 to 21, youth medium: 19 to 20, and youth small: 18 to 19. Also, there is youth XL: 21 to 22 size available too! You can choose any of the sizes which you want to take. You are cherished for quality and this one will be perfect for you. So, you can consider the helmet finally to make the decision to purchase!


— Real helmet
— Lightweight helmet
— Easy to get on and off
— Includes fabric helmet bag

Final verdict

Eventually, how was the trip of the best kid’s helmet? Was this really effective for you? Most probably, you have liked our best Kids Motorcycle Helmet review! And you have chosen one which you are wished for. Actually, if it is, then we will think we have introduced you with your desired one.

We have made the above collection for you after spending enough time on research! In above we placed the best products of the market for you so that you can get your loving one easily! We assume that our best efforts made you smile with your best choice.

Have a nice time with your best kid’s helmet!

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